Greetings from President

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We mainly conduct a used farm equipment purchase business in Japan and an also export business. Since we have been engaged in farming and farm equipment over the past dozen years or so, our attachment to them is growing in depth increasingly.
We are delighted to have heard that our international customers in over 80 countries who purchased used farm equipment from us and also farmers in Japan were highly pleased with our services.

Farmers are truly in demand for used farm equipment in good condition. Nevertheless, the farm machine industry still remains inconvenient for them. It is far from perfect as compared to the automotive business.
Creation of a farming-friendly society for famers across Japan is our corporate mission.


Farm Futures

At the present day, agriculture that has supported the foundation of the primary industry bears many issues concurrently.
Aging farm families, lack of successors, structure accompanying cost increase, low profitability, etc. These factors continue to cause an increase of those who abandon farming and a decrease of new entrants to agriculture, which contributes to a negative spiral where abandoned farmland expands and rural mesomountainous regions lose its dynamism.

From where I sit, however, people’s approaches to farming are becoming diverse. For instance, I noticed a trend where part-time farmers are growing in population and other people commence gardening etc. to become engaged in farming deeper by driblets.
In view of this, we continue to create services that please farmers in addition to our existing core services such as the purchase, sale, rental, etc. of used farm equipment.
Living in this time of uncertainty, we aspire to fulfill our role thoroughly in the society and offer a broader spectrum of choices to famers.

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