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We appreciate your interest in our FARM MART business.
The future outlook of Japan’s farming seems never promising at the current moment. It is a well-known fact that farming families tend to decrease increasingly. Issues such as TPP are expected to transform Japan’s agriculture.
We commenced the FARM MART business with an eye to solving such farming issues. Currently, we offer services such as the purchase, sale, rental, etc. of farm equipment and hope to continue the best services for farmers. Living in this time of uncertainty, we try to fulfill our role thoroughly in the society and offer a broader spectrum of choices to farmers.

The four features of FARM MART

Point1 Novelty

  • ● Innovative farm equipment rental business
  • Although farm equipment rental is not widely recognized, farmers definitely need it.

  • ● No inventory risk because our headquarters lends out farm equipment for rent.
  • No inventory or funds are required because franchisees can rent farm equipment from the headquarters only when rental needs arise.


Point2 Purchase force

  • ● Purchase from across Japan
  • Speedy response to inquiries from across Japan

  • ● We purchase even 20-30 year old farm equipment
  • It’s OK even if it is broken. We mainly purchase tractors, rice planters, and combines, and also power tillers, furrow-forming machines, etc. (some products are excluded).

  • ● Wide variety of sales channels
  • Sales history in 87 countries. We also have unique sales channels in Japan.

  • ● High-priced purchase
  • No intermediary margin is required because we directly export.

Purchase force

Point3 Know-how

  • ● Over 10 years of know-how
  • We put all of our know-how into a manual for franchisees. Our training system is also excellent (A training program at the headquarters is available).

  • ● Speedy price evaluation methods
  • Customers can choose a price evaluation method according to their convenience. We purchase over 5,000 machines per year.


Point4 Support

  • ● We put purchase price evaluation know-how into a manual
  • With this manual, you can easily learn difficult purchase price evaluation know-how.

  • ● One-month purchase price evaluation training at the headquarters!
  • Our trainers and store sales supervisors support phases from star-up to operation thoroughly.

  • ● We provide all of our promotion and sales tools!
  • It is possible to immediately commence your business without advance preparation.

  • ● Our franchise headquarters guarantees you they will buy unsold goods!
  • So, no worry about inventory loss.


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